It’s all a game

You should be running home, but you’re all alone trying to survive barely getting by do you need me? do you want me? I hear you calling out saying nothing at all it’s a wasted dream and I still sit here waiting I cried when you walked by I left the tears alone to dry...

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Grief Happens

How do we honor life? What happens when the person you were traveling life's path with disappears unexpectedly? Even if you know that person's life, your partner's, end is coming? How do we move forward when the world has suddenly stopped? The thing about death is...

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I took a walk yesterday along part of the Discovery Trail with my dog. It was nice, quiet, just enjoying a little bit of the sunshine and nature. As I was wandering, taking pictures, I looked up ahead of me and saw there was a bend in the trail. I thought "I wonder...

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Heading out of August

It's the end of August. Guess what I realized? I haven't written since June. I am having to shake my finger at myself for this. Simply because posting once a month should be no problem. Well, one would think. However, I have discovered that not only does time swiftly...

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I am broken

There are many pieces of me that no longer fit perfectly together. Some of my edges are jagged and sharp. Some of them are soft and flexible. I have had my heart broken. I have had my heart crushed and stomped into powder. I have fallen apart; then healed and mended....

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I am currently making changes to the site. Its a slow process, but I hope to transform it a little bit more over the next few months. Thanks for stopping in and looking around.

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