So my boy came through his surgery with no problems. Although, I was a bit freaked out, he was SO calm the first day after I picked him up, and then the next day. The vet had told us that he needed to remain indoors and “calm” for ten days so that he would be able to heal up and not tear open his stitches. They gave us three days of pills for him to take; which we gave him and they basically helped him to sleep.

Oh, my boy is VERY vocal. It is funny, but I think he emulates us a bit in his “talking” to us, or rather whining at us. He was in pain that first day home (day two), and cried to me so I cuddled with him. Of course, as my husband had stayed home with him he told me he only cried when I was around for my attention.

Anyway, day three, he was still tender and you could tell, but he was getting his ‘bounce’ back. Side note: my dog often reminds me of tigger. He doesn’t run, he bounces. He bounces instead of running, his feet will barely touch the ground and he is hopping back up.

The next week, I would say he was back to his old self, but I honestly think he is ‘better’ than his old self in the sense that he has SO much extra energy to burn off he just can’t seem to calm down. We are now past our ‘ten day’ period, so he will be getting out a lot more and I will be trying to get him to burn it off so that he will be a bit calmer.

We will see how that goes!     🙂