Ramsey has become a “shop dog”. Well, as he comes with me practically every where I go, with very few exceptions. (Talk about a spoiled dog.) He has gathered a bit of a following at work, in other words, people come simply to see him.

When UPS drives up, we know it by his reaction; jumping up and down, barking, turning in circles, before we ever see the truck. The driver usually gives him two treats; one on the way in and one on the way out. She has successfully taught him to “speak” for a treat and is currently working on ‘roll over’. Which he really wants nothing to do with, he would rather chase her around or be chased around than roll over for a treat. I think he is attempting to ‘train’ her that he isn’t going to do it.

While he is a decently (not greatly) trained dog; he does the generic – sit – stay – lay – down – shake – high five and what my husband calls the “fist bump”: it seems to be enough to keep customers entertained. Ramsey still is very much a puppy and another dog can put him into overdrive where no matter what you say, he isn’t going to listen… yet. I have been actively working on this part of his training; to listen even midst dog distraction. Speaking of doggie distractions, we even have customers who bring their dogs just to visit and play with Ramsey during the day from time to time!