I have been wondering if my NWFT was the only dog who constantly barks IN the car. He is quiet (for the most part) when we are out and about and in the house. However, the minute he jumps in the car, it seems that he just has to rejoice by barking it out. I still have yet to train this behavior out of him. (And honestly sometimes it just cracks me up when he is barking along to the music; which isn’t helping in the training.) Overall, though, I know that it can be a mixed bag. No one will come near my car when he is there barking away (even if his tail is wagging furiously behind him). That can be a good thing. Then again it can be extremely annoying.

He doesn’t “just” bark at strangers. No, his barks are for every one. Ramsey is an equal opportunity barker. I happened to go through the car wash the other day – you know the kind where they wash your car before it goes through the car-wash itself? Anyway, there was a woman standing there and she said, ‘hey is that a farm terrier?’ I replied in the affirmative (all the while as you might have guessed, my dog is barking happily away.) She said, “mine does that too; only barks in the car.” [I did condense the conversation for your reading pleasure to highlight my point.]

I can’t tell you what a relief it was to find out that my barker isn’t the only NWFT who does it! So other than the car and when he sees other dogs; he tends to be pretty quiet and cute. Well, he is always cute! Just another note on the progress of the wonderful NWFT.