As we have been working on our “walks” suddenly, my puppy has taken to try to take me for walks. He grabs his end of the leash, puts his head up high, and walks me. Interestingly enough most of the time he is walking right next to me, which is where he is suppose to be.

You can always tell that these dogs have a mind of their own. I didn’t get my puppy to be a ‘farm’ dog, even tho that is what they are bred to be, I got him for a companion/family dog. Even tho we live in the country; and we take walks down by the river and on our property, we don’t have other animals. He is being raised as an indoor puppy who gets lots of outside activities.

When its late at night and we have to go for our last walk of the night, if its too cold outside, he will complain. Its really interesting how vocal he can be. Besides the barking, that he has taken to recently, to get our attention. He also has different groans, whines, and various sounds that he makes to indicate what he wants to do. Like when he doesn’t want to go out in the cold, he kinda whine/growls to tell us he isn’t thrilled about it. Once you get him out the door, however, he jumps around running back and forth; tail in the air, proud look on his face, grabbing the leash to ‘take me for a walk’.