Until my pup, I have never had a dog who wasn’t absolutely “thrilled” to get into a vehicle and travel with me. However, his view of the world has changed my own dog perception a bit.

I am sure it had something to do with the fact that he would get car sick every time he would get into the blasted thing; and no matter what I did to “help” would work. Windows down, trying to get him to lay down and not pace, secluding him in a kenneled area of the vehicle.

Suddenly, at seven months, he decided that while he wasn’t willing to jump into the very back of our SUV, he was willing to climb up onto the floor board of the back seat, and then up onto the backseat itself. He does something I never thought he would do, but held my hopes that he would: he gets in WILLINGLY. Yes, that’s right, as long as he can clamber up onto the floor board of the backseat when he gets in, like an old man, he is more than willing to go. I should take a video as it is very funny how delicately yet with a bit of it being a ‘hardship’ he very slowly climbs into the car.

I am really happy though, that he has finally discovered his own method that works for us, as I love taking him places with me. He, of course, loves that fact that almost every place we stop has a dog treat ready for him. What more could we both ask for?