I love my dog! The ironic thing is that he has allergies to “something” in the yard.. which looks a lot like grass. Of course, we took him to the vet and that is how we found out! We were given some power to help with the itching, but he still manages to chew, bit, lick, nip, whatever he can little areas on his feet, stomach and a leg.

The only thing I found that seems to help is bathing him at least once a week; and you would think he might learn to enjoy this activity! However, you would be thinking wrong! No, I end up with as much water on me as the dog, simply from trying to prevent him from escaping the tub while I soap and rinse. As with all dogs, he loves it when he gets out of there… and since he has two layer coat, it takes him longer to dry off and more things get wet. So I tend to bath him right before I have to do laundry, its funny how that works out!

Yes, my farm terrier is allergic to grass…. but he is still adorably cute!