Ramsey is quickly approaching the two year mark, and while part of me hopes that this will be a ‘mature’ point, I seriously doubt it. I have been told that they mature between 2 & 3 years. I will let you know.

However, as we continue to train him he has learned a new “trick” which is to ‘speak’. He was taught this trick by our UPS driver, and caught on very quickly. Now, Ramsey has a very loud, ferocious bark. It is the type of bark that definitely makes you think twice before approaching him. The funny part is that my husband has been using the “speak” with treats, only at home, instead of his full vocal bark – Ramsey will simply mouth the bark with no sound. It is adorably cute and has me laughing on a regular basis.

The amazing thing is; that the same command has two different reactions depending on the person who gives the command. This just shows how intelligent and quick these dogs are. They need the challenge and they love the challenge.

The only other thing I am trying to teach him is not to bark at everyone who comes near the car. He doesn’t like it when someone approaches the car; even when he knows them. This is both a good and bad thing. Its good because he is protective and sees the car as his area (and me) to protect. It is a negative because he will bark even when I am in the car and has been known to scare people; them thinking he is going to bite. However, all he is really doing is saying “hello” with his tail wagging a hundred miles an hour.

I would like for him to not bark at every person who walks or rides by or we drive by and teaching him this is a challenge as he has his ideas and we have ours. I will let you know the results of this training; if/when he finally “gets” it and learns to be more selective about the people he is barking at.