This saga begins last year when my dog of 16 years died of natural causes. Oddly, I had scheduled to take her to the vet and have her put down due to how bad she had gotten with arthritis, and both her eyes and ears going.

Lucki was the best damn dog ever, and I do not say that with any sort of bias. She was a large dog, a lab mixed with Sharpei or Chow. She had a black tongue and her skin would fold over her face at times. She was a big, fluffy golden lap dog, or so she thought. People would met her and want to take her home. She was a great ambassador for mixed breeds. Even though she was extremely large, she was also extremely gently. She would let kids lay on her and she let me use her for a pillow at times. She even ate like a princess, one piece of food at a time. It was odd to see such a big girl eat as gently as she did. So, when she passed away and I found her, to say it was devastating would be an understatement.

Although she wasn’t my only dog at the time. There was Buddy, a lab/dal mix and Apache an AKC dalmatian. So, six months after Lucki passed, Buddy was sick and dying and Apache had developed cancer. I lost both of them at the same time.

When that happened my vet asked if I would be getting another dog and my response was simply, “I am not ready”.

Earlier this year, I decided I wanted a puppy. Everyone told me that getting a puppy, at this time in my life, was not a good idea. These statements didn’t change the fact that, I still wanted a puppy. So began my search for the perfect puppy for me.

When my Lucki girl was young.