We took our puppy to the vet, and it went well. First, and foremost, no car sickness. He still has issues getting into the car, but as he gets bigger and more used to these rides, I am certain he will do better.

He did very well at the vet as well. She saw no problems with him, which means, of course, he has a clean bill of health. He also enjoyed the attention and running around the room a little while; exploring every nook and cranny. She has treated other NW Farm Terriers before and confirmed that this group of dogs are a very hardy bunch with little health issues. The health issues that she has seen were not due to the breed itself. Of course, that is good news!

He is a very smart puppy and we are still dealing with a bit of his personality shining through. He does like to ‘lead’ on walks, so I have been using the trick of randomly changing direction on him. That is working very well, and he enjoys the game of it. He is beginning to watch me more closely while we are out for our walks.

He barks when he hears noises he is unfamiliar with and/or to get our attention. However, this morning he was playing a game with his food dish, barking at it before pouncing on the poor unsuspecting dish. He would then take a bite and bounce away from it. Then his ‘game’ started over again. I have noticed he does this with other toys as well, he does the toss and pounce, which is a little bit cat like in my opinion.

He is also starting to jump around more while we are walks, and I have added this as part of our daily walk and games. It helps to expend his energy and he seems to thrive on his dancing and bouncing around, the interesting part of this is that he is doing it at my side, not behind or in front of me.  He is a very fun, fun, fun puppy.