When we first got Ramsey, he had allergies (well he still has them) however, as we were tracking down the possible issues, food was one of them. So it was recommended that we switch to lamb and rice.

I have learned that sometimes it is best to go with what you know. We were recommended a couple of options – one was very costly because it was a premium, and in all honesty I can’t afford it. The second recommendation was Purina One. Now, I have read a lot of reviews on food over the years. Things constantly change. However, when you have an animal who has food sensitivity I am of the belief go with what you know. What has worked. So that is what we have done.

Ramsey responds well to this dog food. Has had no issues. He has no health problems because of it. I have, as of this date, seen nothing to indicate it is unhealthy for him. Besides his other allergies, which have nothing to do with the food, he is the picture of health and happiness. Just saying, sometimes its better to go with what you know works than trying to change it up un-necessarily.